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What are the Accu-Tapper's minimum and maximum tap sizes?

  • 0-80 to 1/4-20 in steel
  • 0-80 to 5/16-18 in aluminum & other soft metals
  • 0-80 to 3/4-10 in plastic

Can it perform other operations besides tapping?

  • Along with tapping, the Accu-Tapper has proven to be very effective at retapping, chamfering, reaming, deburring, OD threading/chasing and thread gauging.

How does the Accu-Tapper operate?

  • The Accu-Tapper is equipped with a friction clutch between two 5" pulleys. A 1/3 HP motor and standard V-belt keep the pulleys constantly rotating. When pressure is applied to the chuck, the clutch engages the back pulley, which begins spindle rotation.
  • Rotation continues until pressure is released, causing the friction clutch to engage the front pulley, which reverses spindle rotation.

Is the Accu-Tapper user friendly?

  • It takes the average operator 12 minutes to feel comfortable with the machine.

How do you adjust the torque for small holes?

  • You never have to adjust the torque (or belt or a lead screw). The Accu-Tapper's horizontal design and friction clutch makes the machine extremely sensitive. The smaller the tap, the lighter you push; the larger the tap, the harder you push. This design gives the operator complete control and feel of every part, making tap breakage virtually non-existent.

How does the machine work on round and odd-shaped parts?

  • The Accu-Tapper's guide plate has six drilled and tapped holes. This allows a variety of fixtures and jigs to be mounted on the front to support these types of parts.

How does the Accu-Tapper work on blind holes?

  • The Accu-Tapper cuts the same high quality thread, whether the part has a blind or through hole. The adjustable slide under the chuck can be set in position for the same depth on every part.

What advantages does the Accu-Tapper have over a tapping head/drill press?

  • The Accu-Tapper requires no permanent fixturing.
  • The Accu-Tapper will greatly reduce tap breakage, compared to any other method.
  • The Accu-Tapper is portable and self-contained, allowing it to operate anywhere without any additional equipment.
  • The Accu-Tapper's horizontal design is ideal for tapping extrusion, rods and other long parts.
  • The Accu-Tapper requires virtually no maintenance. The user can quickly do any maintenance that might be needed. No machine will ever have to be sent back to the plant for repair.

What are the advantages of tapping on the Accu-Tapper instead of the CNC?

  • The Accu-Tapper takes the small hole tapping off the machining center, allowing it to perform more crucial work like boring, slotting and milling.
  • The Accu-Tapper helps extend the life of the CNC. Tapping is one of the most demanding operations a machine can do.
  • The Accu-Tapper reduces down time and scrapped parts, due to tap breakage.
  • The Accu-Tapper allows the machine operator to perform secondary operations during cycle time.

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