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The Accu-Tapper is perfectly suited for any industry, be it die casting, sheet metal, plastics or machine shop. Equipped with a 1/3-HP, 1725-RPM electric motor, the Accu-Tapper easily taps steel up to 1/4-20. On the other end of the scale, the Accu-Tapper taps even the smallest holes with fewer broken taps , thanks to the design of the sliding backing plate that holds the true relationship between workpiece and tap.

The Accu-Tapper features adjustable stops for controlling hole depth and a dual action clutch that provides instantaneous reverse without motor reversal. The machine is V-belt driven and plugs into a standard electric outlet. Housed in aluminum, the Accu-Tapper can be mounted to any work surface.

By cutting tapping costs, you’ll be able to turn in lower bids and still come away with more profits.

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